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Are you tired of old patterns and stories holding you back?

Do you want to live from multi-dimensional awareness and have a greater impact in this world?

  • What if you could contribute and be appreciated, without sacrificing any part of yourself in the process?
  • What if you could be totally authentic, without worrying about straining your relationships?
  • What if you didn’t feel hampered by your inner critic, trauma, chronic pain, funky moods, or addictions any longer?
  • What if you felt free to embody your own unique power?

Now is the time. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

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Process Work Therapist

This is what I’ve learned from working with people over four decades:

Your consciousness is vast – far greater than your intellect or your physical body – and your creativity is much bigger than your problems.

Your difficulties come from thinking you’re too small for the task at hand. Paradoxically, it’s often the quirky or marginalized parts of you that hold the big answers. Owning your personal diversity is the cornerstone to living your most elegant and meaningful life.

Please trust your own beauty and the fact that you have countless unseen helpers at the ready – and stand in the bounty of that trust.

May I support you in bringing your whole self to life? This world needs your unique vision and gifts.

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3 Levels Awareness Training

A unique and extremely effective approach which transforms your inner critic, and heightens your ability to think outside the box. Seeing any situation through 3 diverse lenses gives you multiple options and a distinct awareness advantage that I call the 3 Levels Edge.

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Anusuya’s Clients

I see individuals, couples, teams, spiritual seekers, healers and those who want healing – and awareness junkies of all kinds. My clients are diverse – and so are the situations that bring them to me. How may I help you?

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Free Being You

Each session expands your awareness, removes self-limiting beliefs, provides you with customized tools to tap into unseen worlds, and increases your self compassion and personal power.

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